A rebellious note on the musical stave.
A curl appears on the cuff as if from nowhere, a stitch floating in the air. Woollen flannel falls in love with silk. Le Sarte Pettegole (The Gossiping Seamstresses) encapsulates perfection that is seemingly randomly achieved.

“Forgotten” stitches, incomplete lines, clashing fabrics that somehow find common ground.

Almost as if to say that nothing is predictable, that anything can happen. It is the beauty of the unexpected that elicits a feeling of wonder. How do the seamstresses keep themselves occupied while they work? They chatter, conversing while their deft hands mark out stitches and create buttonholes; tacking, cutting. The scene is encapsulated in a phrase uttered by the designer while altering prototypes in the sample room: “Ah, these gossiping seamstresses, if they could just stop chattering all day…!”

Unique designs are created from meticulous imprecision.
Thorough research hides behind the exclusive prints that can be found nowhere else; behind the library of retro fabrics, in the power of a golden thread that fractures the straight yoke and the line of the cuff.

All done with irony, in the great culture of the fashion world. Because the woman who wears these clothes is just like their creators: non-conventional, with a boldness of spirit, capable of experimenting with the masculine while remaining profoundly feminine. In the apparent anarchy, in the casual meeting of a Jacquard weave with tartan cloth, the touch of ingenious, non-conventional craftsmanship leaves its mark.

Extravagant, lively, bold; like the woman who chooses to wear it. Likely to steal the stage. Never dull.

Iconic garments, not simple accessories,
interpreting the multi-faceted and curious personality of contemporary women.
A unique tradition, precise details and accurate choices.
Nulla è lasciato al caso per le camicie “Le Sarte Pettegole”

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